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Did You Know Banks are Eager to Finance Your Solar Installation in Ontario?


finance solar loan ontario With the emergence of the FIT and MicroFIT programs at last came an opportunity for residents of Ontario to install green energy products on their property as an investment. Guaranteed for 20 years the MicroFIT contract is averaging a 15% return on investment (ROI). How do your investments compare to that figure? The vast majority of us will say that their current investments don't even come close to a 15% return. This is the primary reason why the Ontario MicroFIT program has taken off in popularity. But it's not just popular with those that can afford to lay out the initial installation investment the MicroFIT program is also very popular with banking institutions; specifically helping Ontario residents by offering low interest loans for solar panel installations.

Banks, such as Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) recognize the FIT and Micro FIT program as a solid long term investment. Let's face it, most of us don't have $30 000 - $40 000 just kicking around. Some of us could put it on our line of credit but is that necessarily the best choice compared to a low interest loan? We at York Solar help those that recognize that solar energy is a great investment but don't necessarily have the cash available to fund their investment. We do this by putting you in contact with our green energy loan representative at RBC. Any questions you might have such as the rate of interest or repayment terms can be answered quickly by our representative.rbc bank solar loan ontario

York Solar invites you to look at how the numbers work out for you. Most have found that the MicroFIT program is such a good investment that there is a very favorable ROI even though interest has to be paid on your solar loan. Please contact us if you have any questions or would like us to put you in touch with our RBC green energy loan representative.

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