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The Ontario FIT and Microfit program allows home and business owners to invest in the solar powered generation of electricity on their property. Since 2009, all accross Ontario, hundreds of solar arrays can be found on residential rooftops, in open fields and atop commercial buildings all feeding clean energy into Ontario's electricity grid. Enough time has passed to prove that the program is a success and has quickly earned the reputation as a solid investment. A FIT or MicroFIT installation comes with the security of a government backed 20 year contract and all major components of the solar array such as panels and inverters have warranties in excess of 20 years. With the assistance of an experienced solar company that will provide accurate revenue projections and professionally installed solar systems, residents of Ontario have the opportunity to create something of value to both the environment as well as their investment portfolio.

York Solar provides its customers with FIT and MicroFIT turnkey solar panel installations. Our service also includes the preparation of any paperwork that might be necessary such as the initial OPA application, engineering reports, permits, as well as communication with the local power distributor. A major benefit of choosing York Solar is not only having experienced solar panel installers on your side but also having an experienced staff that understands the intricacies involved in the FIT or MicroFIT approval process. We provide this service at no extra charge to our customers because getting it right the first time can save a customer months of avoidable delay. If you wish to have York Solar prepare a solar assessment for your home or business then feel free to contact us to schedule an appointment.

Solar System SizeFixed Price Per kWProgramMounting Condition
0kW to 10kW39.6 ¢MicroFITRoof Mounted
10kW to 100kW34.5 ¢FITRoof Mounted
100kW to 500kW32.9 ¢FITRoof Mounted
500kW to 10 000kWNA ¢FITRoof Mounted
0kW to 10kW29.1 ¢MicroFITGround Mounted
10kW to 500kW28.8 ¢FITGround Mounted
500kW to 5 000kWNA ¢FITGround Mounted
5 000kW to 10 000kWNA ¢FITGround Mounted

The chart above displays the amounts paid per kW (kilowatt) by the OPA for generated solar electricity that is fed into Ontario's hydro lines. You will notice that the amounts paid differ depending on the type of solar system installed. A roof mounted MicroFIT project suitable for a typical home pays the highest per kW but keep in mind that even though the larger FIT projects pay the least their sheer size can equate to substantially higher revenue.

The popularity of the FIT or MicroFIT program for solar applications has been growing steadily because more and more people are hearing first hand from neighbors and friends that the benefits of solar energy don't just help the environment, they also help the pocketbook. With a guaranteed 20 year contract the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) will pay for electricity generated by an approved solar installation. At York Solar our client's installations have averaged a return on investment of 15% for a MicroFit system and the larger FIT projects can generate an even higher ROI. The security of this investment stems from two facts: the Government of Ontario is guaranteeing the terms of the MicroFIT and FIT contracts combined with the knowledge that all major components of the installed solar system have warranties in excess of 20 years. A secured contract and a solar system that will last has allowed hundreds of Ontario residents to have peace of mind with their solar panel investment.

The FIT program stands for 'Feed in Tariff' and is perfect for large structures such as office buildings, barn rooftops or open fields where customers require a solar panel system that is larger than 10 kW in size. The MicroFIT program is great for homeowners and is for systems 10 kW or less in size. As a quick reference for those trying to picture the size of a 10 kW installation it equates to 40 x 250 watt, 60 cell solar panels.

To help our clients gain insight into how a solar paneled system will perform on their property York Solar will provide revenue projections for the entire length of the FIT or MicroFIT contract. Customers will see how much money their solar system will generate over a twenty year period versus the cost of installation. In order to calculate accurate revenue projections a York Solar sales technician will visit the client's premise. Our technicians will discuss preferred installation locations and present solutions that will maximize revenue for our customers. Once a suitable location has been determined we will take record of various measurements and make use of an industry tool that will allow us to take sun and shade readings for any given location. This data is then entered into a software program as parameters for an extremely accurate projection of revenue. Not every home or business is suitable for an investment in the FIT or MicroFIT program. For example, a small amount of shade cast over a solar array can still lead to a very profitable investment but some locations can be too shaded and will thus lower the ROI to a point where investment is not recommended. With our solar company there is no guesswork to making a smart solar investment. The revenue projections will either be weak or favorable for a specific location. To York Solar it is of paramount importance to us that we only provide accurate facts to our clients to determine if the location of a solar installation can be profitable. We even factor in the growth of trees as a contition that might affect revenue over the length of the 20 year contract. If requested, York Solar will provide its potential clients with references from previous customers that will attest to the accuracy and detail of our solar assessments.

With York Solar you can expect superior customer service, quality solar components and experienced FIT or MicroFIT installers from Toronto to Parry Sound and from Halton to Peterborough. If you require more information or wish to schedule a solar assessment at no charge please call us at the toll free number at the top of this page or connect with us via our contact page.

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