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solar companies in ontario

In 2009 the FIT and MicroFIT program paved the way for the emergence of many solar companies in Ontario. The initial interest in this program was staggering. Ontario residents flooded the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) with applications in hopes of gaining the opportunity to invest in renewable energy with solar energy leading the charge. Applications were approved and newly formed solar installation companies were enjoying a steady flow of business for about two years.

By the end of 2011 the OPA closed it's doors for review and all applications were on hold. The OPA was being criticized by Canadians for overpaying for green energy and was under fire for approving applications without fully assessing the impact these installations were having on neighboring properties. We the consumer are currently paying between eight and ten cents per kilowatt hour consumed from our Local Distributing Company (LDC). From 2009 to 2011 the OPA was paying over eighty cents per kilowatt hour for renewable energy produced under the FIT and MicroFIT program. As far as approving applications without a proper impact assessment one example stands out in York Region. A seventy foot solar tracker was installed fifty feet away from a neighboring home. Now every time this neighbor walks out of his front door he is greeted by this technical monstrosity that is a constant reminder of how much the value of his home has depreciated. It was clear that the OPA had to make changes.

The OPA closed it's doors for eight long months and the necessary changes were made. The impact this had on solar companies in Ontario was dramatic. It is estimated that less than half of these newly formed solar companies were forced out of business during the eight month OPA hiatus. If the solar company relied heavily on FIT or MicroFIT installs then the company most certainly went under. Only solar companies that had a diverse range of solar installations survived. Examples of this diversity are companies that cater to Ontario residents that have homes or cottages that are not located on the power grid and need electricity. These residents often have off grid solar systems installed. Other examples of how solar companies survived is through the installations of solar water heaters or solar pool heaters. Call it 'survival of the fittest' or 'natural selection' but only the most experienced and diverse of solar companies in Ontario, Canada were able to stay in business during the OPA's shutdown.

At York Solar we are 100% Canadian and proud to say that we were one of the few solar companies that survived eight months without FIT or MicroFIT installations. Of course it affected us. We did have our fair share of grid tied installs that we dearly missed but thankfully all of our eggs were not in one basket. When our grid tied installations went down our off grid installations went up.

If you have any questions or wish to invite us over for a free home evaluation then please either give us a call or contact us. We have always had a 'Customer First' policy at York Solar. This combined with experienced installers and quality solar products make us one of the best solar companies in Ontario.

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