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York Solar is an experienced and professional solar company that specializes in providing clients with a turnkey solar panel installation in Toronto and it's surrounding area. We have a "Customer First" policy with a strong emphasis on customer support, quality solar components and competitive pricing.

Our past installations across Toronto and southern Ontario have given us extensive experience in several key areas of the solar industry; FIT and MicroFit projects, off grid solar installations, solar hot water and solar pool heating.

In 2009 with the introduction of the Ontario solar program for systems 10,000 watts (10kW) or less the Microfit program has stirred up vast amounts of interest with Toronto residents. Intensives from the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) allow people to install solar panels on their property and sell the generated electricity to their local distributing company (LDC). With a twenty year fixed rate guaranteed contract the OPA has created a program that allows solar energy to become an investment.

Once we are contacted by someone who wishes to have their home or property evaluated for the FIT or Microfit program we send out one of our sales technicians to take measurements. In order to calculate revenue projections for twenty years several measurements are needed. If the solar energy project is to be roof mounted we at York Solar need to know the measurements of the roof and it's obstructions as well as the pitch of the roof. For the final measurements we use an industry tool called a Solar Pathfinder. Using this tool our sales technicians are able to measure the path of the sun projected throughout the year along with shading. Shading plays a major role in determining the amount of income a particular location may yield. If a roof is under shadow for most of the day by several trees a more optimal location for the solar array would be sought. Almost everybody has a little bit of shading on their roof that occurs a certain times of the day and the Solar Pathfinder accounts for this. Even with small amounts of shading solar revenue projections can be very favorable. However if the shading is too severe we may have to recommend against a solar panel installation at that particular location.

Once the measurements have been taken the data is entered into a software program. Taking into account the latitude of Toronto or wherever the measurements were taken along with the amount of money per kilowatt hour generated the software program is capable of turning the measurements into revenue figures. These figures display revenue on a monthly basis. The winter months in Toronto are the lowest revenue for a solar install simply because the sun is lower in the sky and days become shorter.

Under the current MicroFIT rules the average return on investment for clients of York Solar are an amazing 15% with the solar system paid for after an average of seven years. This means that the remaining thirteen years of the twenty year MicroFIT contract are left for profit. Can you see why solar panel installation in Toronto are so popular?

York Solar would be more than happy to visit your home and provide you with customized revenue projections for your future MicroFIT solar panel installation. Toronto is waking up to the benefits of solar energy so please don't hesitate to contact us today!

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