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York Solar would like to take this opportunity to welcome residents of Durham to our website, and thank you for visiting. Here at York Solar, our specialty is installing solar panels in business and domestic premises. We pride ourselves on our speedy, friendly and expert installation service and our 'Customer First' policy. We back this up by only ever using the finest quality components in the solar panel industry, with warranties of up to 25 years, and offer a three-year workmanship guarantee. Our highly skilled solar panel installers are helping to make York Solar a leading solar company in Durham and across Ontario. We are determined to prove to residents of Durham that it is possible to get quality work done at a competitive price.

We would like residential and commercial property owners in the Durham area that are thinking about installing a solar power system to contact us and give York Solar an opportunity to visit your home or business, and to measure and assess your property to see if the costs associated with a solar panel system are worth the investment. We will visit at no cost or obligation to you, and present our findings usually the next day.

If you are considering the FIT or MicroFIT program, our report will include income projections and return on investment for the duration of the 20 year contract. Also included will be an estimate of the time it will take to pay for the system based on revenues earned. This information will ensure that you are fully informed before investing in the FIT or MicroFIT program. If you would like a quote for an off grid solar system, we will need additional information from you, such as current electricity usage from past hydro statements and a complete list of all load bearing electrical equipment in use on the premises. With all the relevant information, York Solar will calculate the capacity of the solar system required to support your current level of usage in kW (kilowatts) and provide a quote for the installation of the system.

York Solar also specializes in solar water heater and solar pool heating design and installation. Solar panels can reduce the costs incurred in heating water significantly compared to traditional water heating methods such as natural gas, oil or propane. We implement our customized solar systems for both residential and commercial properties.

To request further information, or to get any questions you have answered, please call us on our toll free number at the top of this page or contact us through our contact page.

York Solar's customer service is based on the belief that all customers should receive the highest quality solar components, fitted by trained and fully qualified solar panel installers at competitive rates. So if you are in or near Durham Region, and you are interested solar panels, we invite you to let one of the best solar installation companies in Ontario present with a detailed solar assessment to help you with your decision making.

York Solar's Installation Locations for Durham Region, Ontario

If you have any questions or would like to request a free solar evaluation then please Contact Us!

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