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We at York Solar, wish to thank the residents of Haliburton for visiting our site. Haliburton Solar specializes in cost effective turnkey solar panel installations, serving both, residential as well as commercial properties. Our strict 'Customer First' policy promises quick, friendly and professional service making use of only leading solar industry components with warranties that reach up to 25 years. This combined with our team of experienced and trained solar panel installers and a 3 year guarantee on quality of workmanship makes York Solar one of Ontario's leading solar companies. Our mission is to provide quality work at the most reasonable of prices.

We hope that property owners in Haliburton, be it commercial or residential, who are considering the future installation of a solar power systems would permit York Solar to visit their business or home to measure and assess the location for solar power compatibility, and make the findings available to the customer. This is conducted at no cost to the client.

In the case of MicroFIT and FIT programs, clients will be provided with revenue projections for the entire length of their twenty year contract, return on investment in percentage, along with the number of years it would take the client's revenues from generated electricity to cover the cost of the installed solar system. This data will help customers make a well informed decision before they invest in the MicroFIT or FIT program.

If the customer requests a quote for an off grid solar system, then we'll need additional information from them, for instance, their hydro bills, in order to arrive at the average amount of electricity consumed along with a list of all their electric load bearing devices such as washing machines, stoves, etc. Once all this information is collected, York Solar shall determine the size of the solar system that would be necessary for the client to maintain their present electricity consumption. The system's size will be determined in kW (kilowatts) and the cost for installing the system will be included as well.

The design and installation of solar pool heaters and sola water heaters are another speciality at York Solar. For residential and commercial applications, solar panels can greatly reduce costs that accumulate with the use of traditional methods for heating water such as oil, propane and natural gas. Feel free to contact us on our toll free number given at the top of this page. For further information or for any questions you might have then please write to us via our contact page.

The formula at York Solar is to provide all our clients with great customer service, trained solar panel installers, quality solar components and competitive prices. If you're based in the Haliburton let York Solar help you make the right decisions when it comes to installation of your solar panel systems. We are dedicated to becoming a leading solar company in Ontario.

If you have any questions or would like to request a free solar evaluation then please Contact Us!

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