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We would like to thank residents of Peel Region for considering York Solar. We specialize in turnkey solar panel installations for both residential as well as commercial properties. The 'Customer First' policy here at York Solar ensures our clients always receive a professional and friendly installation service. The components we use for our solar panel installations are of the highest standards, with warranties that last up to 25 years. Along with this, we have a team of experienced solar panel installers and a guaranteed quality of workmanship for 3 years. Our goal is to provide quality work at competitive prices to our clients, making York Solar into a leading solar company in Peel.

We hope that commercial and residential property owners of Peel who are thinking of installing a solar power systems would contact us and invite York Solar to visit their location to measure and assess the site's solar panel compatibility. Once compiled, we will present our findings to the prospective client. This is all done at no cost to the customer.

To those interested in FIT and MicroFIT programs, we provide revenue projections from generated electricity for the 20 years of the contract. A return on investment percentage is calculated as well as the time it would take the solar system to recover its initial cost. Collecting this data is a necessary step for clients considering an investment in the MicroFIT or FIT program.

In the case of a request of a quote for an off grid solar system, we will need some extra input from customers such as their past hydro statements which will help us calculate average amount of electricity they consume, and an itemized list of electric devices such as refrigerators, clothes dryers and so on. After all the data has been collected, we at York Solar will be able to calculate for the client the size of the solar system that would be required to maintain their current consumption of electricity. The system size will be expressed in kW (kilowatts) along with it the cost of installing the solar panel system.

York Solar also specializes in the installation as well as the design of solar pool heaters and solar water heaters. Solar panels are environmentally friendly and a great way to reduce costs that add up by using traditional methods of heating water like natural gas, oil and propane. If you would like more information or have any questions for York Solar, please reach us at our toll free number at the top of this page or submit your query or request on our contact page.

At York Solar, you'll find trained and experienced solar panel installers providing great customer service and using quality solar components. This you will find is all done at a competitive price! For your solar panel needs please do consider York Solar, a leading Ontario solar installation company for Peel region and its surrounding area.

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If you have any questions or would like to request a free solar evaluation then please Contact Us!

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