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solar pool heatersCompared to the burning of fossil fules, solar pool heaters are a very cost effective solution to keep your pool at a comfortable temperature. The use of a solar pool cover or blanket should be the first step in keeping your pool water warm regardless of whether you are using natural gas, propane or a solar heater. About 70% of the heat loss from a pool is from evaporation of water at the surface of the pool. A pool cover will reduce most of these losses and can reduce your pool heating costs by as much as 75%. In addition to a pool cover, a heating system can be used to further increase the temparature of your pool water. At York Solar we offer three types of solar pool heaters for you to choose from.

The basic idea behind pool heating systems is to redirect pool water to a heat source after it has passed the pump and the filter but before it returns to the pool. Usually there will be a valve, either manually operated or controlled by temperature sensors, which allows you to by-pass the heat source when needed.

solar pool heatersRubber Solar Panels - These panels are made from synthetic rubber, are durable and easy to install. Panels come standard in 8 foot and 10 foot lengths but custom sizes are possible as well at a slightly increased price. With this product you have the choice to DIY (do it yourself) and detailed installation instructions are available.

install solar pool heaterEvacuated Tubes - Water travels through vacuum tubes to prevent heat loss. Evacuated tubes for solar pool heating offer excellent value for money and will extend your swimming season without the high costs associated with conventional heating solutions.

solar pool heaters ontarioSolar Attic Heat Exchanger For most people the heat that is contained in their attic goes unused. Why not take that naturaly created solar heat and do something useful with it? A heat exchanger in your attic is the perfect solution for pool heating. If you do not have space on your roof or perhaps you just don't like the look of solar panels then the simple solution would be to hide your solar pool heater in your attic using a heat exchanger

York Solar Guarantees:

  1. A solar pool heater designed for your pool.
  2. Experienced installers with high standards of quality and workmanship.
  3. We use only the highest quality solar pool heaters
  4. Three year workmanship and installation warranty.
  5. Competitive pricing!
  6. 100% customer satisfaction!

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